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How To Become An Undergroud publisher January 31, 2010

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Government Intimidation

Why We Need to Become Underground Publishers 


Well, by now we should have all heard Obama’s state of the union address–.  If you didn’t actually hear or watch it, by now you have heard a whole lot of commentary about it.  Since I watched the entire punishing 70 minutes of it, kept notes, and listened to the commentaries afterwards—I can personally tell you it was one of the most frightening speeches for America I ever heard!  He made it very clear he intends to stay on course and turning America into a communist/fascist country. Anybody who opposes him will be retaliated against—as he already did when he incorrectly chastised the Supreme Court for their recent decision on the McCain/Feingold case. 

What Obama said is not the scariest part of the speech.  What the most horrific issue of the speech is the fact that 84% of America thought it was a great speech.  That means 84% of America did not get it!  That means 84% of America fails to recognize Americans are about to lose all their personal freedoms, rights, property, and even life and are supporting the very government fully prepared to do so.  That means 84% of Americans—due to lack of correct, factual, and truthful information about Barack Obama, the Progressive movement, the philosophical/political belief system of Obama czars, the full meaning of what the health care bill will do to empower government over every aspect of our lives—- that was responsibility of main stream media to inform, have the power to vote America as we know it into oblivion! 

To sum it up, America’s approximate population is 300,000,0000.  84% of that is 252,000,0000 Americans ignorant of facts and truth about what Obama’s regime is really doing to America.  That means all of America will be doomed because of IGNORANCE.  We cannot afford the price of ignorance. We do not have to allow this to happen.  This also means there are at least 25,000,000 Americans who do know the facts.  If all—which would be amazing—or even half of the enlightened 25,000,000 commit and follow through and become underground publishers—we can help empower with real facts more than half of the 252,000,000 who thought Obama’s state of the union speech was great! Chances are if we succeed at doing that, then when Obama gives his next long speech of lies, threats, and insults–maybe only 30% Americans will think the speech is great.  Then maybe the speech after that will be his farewell speech before the end of 2010. 

Our fight to save America so we may keep our freedom, our property, and our way of life is not only with the current administration but it is with the main stream media that serves the public a bowl full of  omitted vital facts pabulum, mixed with convolution, bald faced lies, and syrupy bias and sentiment.  They call it responsibly serving the public. Rush Limbaugh call the media “The Whitehouse controlled press”   

Call this steady stream of deliberate obfuscation and confusion what you like.  It still boils down to 84% of the public didn’t have enough facts to recognize Obama’s blatant lies from his veiled threats from his out of touch reality.  That is why it is time for us to focus our efforts in 2010 enlighten 84% of America from fiction to reality.  Our focus must be two fold—to let main stream media know we will no longer support them if they continue to serve us their bowls of lie filled pabulum, and two—to counter act the lies by each of us being personally responsible for getting facts to the public everywhere we go.  We all must and can become underground publishers and distributers. . . 


How to become an underground publisher? 

What if each and every blogger, poster, and website owner printed just one factual article relating to any one of the law suits—past or present challenging Obama to produce his sealed records and left copies wherever he/she goes—doctor’s office, super market, restaurants, hardware stores, back of the church, gym, and so on. 

Put one simple head line on it. Suggestions to name the paper: 

Your own ideas are probably superior to the following: 





1. Find a very well written article about the challenge of Obama’s eligibility you think sums up the issue best, 

2. Ask permission of the writer or web site to print it Most of them would be glad to give you permission as it would help drive traffic to their web sites. 

3. You could use an actual court filed document—that is public record and it gives absolute authenticity and can be easily validated because of the court filing numbers on it 

4. Print it and make 100 or more copies—depending on you time, money, & energy 

5. Take them with you everywhere you go, leave whatever number of copies at each place 

You can choose to do this anonymously—like an under ground newspaper. You could decide to leave contact information. You could develop the newsletter into an opportunity to sell ads or you could simply just continue to get out the message. Any way you choose, the most important action is to continue brining the information the media refuses to publish and let anyone and every one know the TRUTH AND FACTS. 

There are 300,000,000+ Americans who must learn truth from the sophistry heaped upon America, today. If there are at least 100,000 bloggers who start publishing one article a week and print only 100 and leave them wherever they go, that will reach 1,000,000. That 1,000,000 reach 2,000,000 and soon it will catch on.



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