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Become an Under Ground Publisher January 30, 2010

Posted by usapatriotsshoutinfoservice in Uncategorized.

According to O’Reilly on Fox news, 83% of Americans thought Obama’s sotu address was good. I believe the reason most of the people thought so is because they are misinformed about the facts of precisely what Obama and his goons are doing. They did not know whether or not Obama was lying or not on the many issues he stated because they had no information to oppose him.

American people are very bright. However, due to main stream media’s failure to practice ethical journalism, they are ignorant of the facts which are vital to make choices in the highest interest of their own good.

We the people must take back our power so we can take back our government so we can restore America to the Republic under the protection of our Constitution.

It is only with true facts, understanding of modern political history, and a handle of the reality that is convoluting American politics today can we as citizens become empowered. Our empowerment begins with learning truth from fiction! Each and every American patriot can do this! Become and underground publisher!



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